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Long before the events of Mother 3, the end of the world came and only one place was safe, the Nowhere Islands. The remains of humanity found their way to this haven and created new stories for their lives so that they may once again have peace.

Lucas is a young boy from the village of Tazmily on the Nowhere Islands. He's short, blond, and more often than not is wearing his favorite striped shirt. He lives a very happy life with his father Flint, his mother Hinawa, his twin brother Claus, and their pet dog Boney. He is ten years old, his favorite food is omelets, his favorite pastimes include visiting his Grandpa Alec and playing with dragos, and his favorite thing is love.

At least all of that is true until a mecha-drago kills his mother and his brother goes missing trying to avenge her death. His father spends the next three years looking for Claus to the point of neglecting Lucas.

Three years later, technology comes to Tazmily in a big way and the village is nearly unrecognizable. Almost every home has a Happy Box, Lucas's house being one of the few exceptions. There are strange and dangerous chimeras running out in the wild. And almost everywhere you go you see the masks of the mysterious Pigmask Army searching for something.

Lucas learns from the Magypsies that he is blessed with psychic powers and that he can use the incredibly rare skill PK Love. Only those who know PK Love are chosen to pull the Seven Needles on the Nowhere Islands that keep the Dark Dragon asleep. When the needles are pulled, the Dark Dragon will wake up and fulfill the desires of the heart that pulled the needles. The Pigmask Army also has a chosen one pulling needles and it becomes a race to see who can pull the most first.

Lucas wins the race against the Pigmask Army's Masked Man, his brother Claus who had died three years earlier but was reconstructed as a chimera by the army's leader, Porky Minch. Porky, lacking the PK Love ability required to pull the needles, controlled Claus as a puppet so that the Dark Dragon would fulfill Porky's wishes. Hinawa's spirit brings Claus to his senses and he kills himself with a psychic thunder attack, dying in his brother's arms. Lucas goes to pull the last needle and the entire world is destroyed. Everyone's spirits, however, survive and a new world will come.

Lucas is from Mother 3 and is the property of Shigesato Itoi and Nintendo/Hal Labratories. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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boney, claus, dad, duster, grandpa alec, kumatora, love, magypsies, mom, mr saturn, omelets, tazmily
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